About Trail Folx


Learn about why this organization was formed.

A Letter from Our Founder

Marcus Rentie is the founder and Executive Director of Trail Folx. Marcus grew up in the San Fernando Valley where he was exposed to action sports at a young age. Ice and roller hockey led into aggressive in-line skating, now known simply as rollerblading. For years Marcus worked at a local skatepark and took regular trips up to Wrightwood and Big Bear, CA to snowboard.

After a rollerblading injury in 2012, the orthopedic surgeon cleared him for activity but commented that long distance running would not be a good idea with the new screws in his ankle. So naturally, Marcus signed up for a half marathon. Half marathons led to 25k. 25k led to Marathon, led to Ultra-Marathon. Then after another surgery to remove the screws, more Ultras. Including the Kodiak 50 Miler in Big Bear, CA. And the Angeles Crest 100-mile endurance race in Wrightwood.

Rock climbing became another outdoor passion. Getting a membership to the local climbing gym fostered lifelong memories and friendships, as well as physical and mental strength. In fact, the first place Marcus climbed outdoors was at Holcomb Pinnacles, in Big Bear, CA.

Wanting to pass along this gift of knowledge and love of the outdoors, Marcus started Trail Folx. Trail running, rock climbing, and ski/snowboard are what are at the center of the organization’s programs with other mountain sports and activities such as camping, backpacking, and mountain biking within arm’s reach.

Marcus running